Q. I am working 80 hours a week as it is. How will I be able to find even more time to devote to the improvement process?

Many business owners are in the same position and it’s a frustrating position to be in. However, if you never work on your business so that it will eventually work without you then you will always be in a position where the business dictates what you can do with your life. It is amazing how just one or two hours per week working on improving the ability of your business to survive without you can give you back 10 fold personal time for you and your family.

Q. I’ve written a business plan in the past and it has just gathered dust on our shelves. How do I know that this one will be any different?

Firstly, the Trades Coach Academy process isn’t a Business Plan – it’s an improvement programme for your business. It’s a comprehensive and detailed knowledge source for your business that focuses on where you want to go, rather than where you were 12 months ago.

The Trades Coach Academy process is not all about a planning document. It’s more about the process itself, and making improvements as you go so you’re building each area of your business in the correct order to enable you to achieve your goals.

Q. Do I have to follow a set schedule for this course?

No. The Trades Coach Academy is not a rigid training course. It is more like a library where you can visit as often as you need and go straight to the topic that is in your mind at the time. Some topics may require other lessons to ideally have been viewed before because of strategies referred to, but there is no fixed schedule you must follow